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raven_speedy's Journal

Raven/Speedy (Teen Titans) Community
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All Members , Moderated
If your a fan of Raven/Speedy from the comics and/or cartoons, this is the community for you! PLEASE JOIN!


1) Keep your posts Raven/Roy related, please.

2) Remember, LJ-CUT is your friend. Any more than two icons, screenshots, spoilers, fanfiction, fanart--cut it please.

3) When posting fics please use a header that includes: title, rating, summary, spoilers, warnings (if there is any) and disclaimer.

4) No bashing, especially the characters of Raven & Roy, or other members of the community. Its alright in the fanfiction as long as you have it as a warning.

5) PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAG YOUR ENTRIES... its to keep the community organized.

6) If you feel the need to introduce yourself, please do so when you are adding a fanwork or discussion, thanks.

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